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DigiMarCon Midwest 2020 is offering five limited-attendance Master Classes on Wednesday, October 30th at different times allowing attendees to attend them all. All Master Classes are included in the VIP and All Access Pass.

Master Classes provide the practices, applications, and hands-on exposure you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. Whether you are a consultant, site designer, website owner, or in-house marketing professional, this is an opportunity to experience firsthand the latest developments in digital marketing. Regardless of your experience level, you will leave these intensive master classes with skills to improve your online business results.

Stay Tuned! Master Classes in 2020 have not been announced, below are selected Master Classes from recent DigiMarCon Events.

AI & Programmatic Advertising Master Class

Yang Han, Chief Technology Officer, StackAdapt

A Deep Look into AI and its Impact on Programmatic Advertising.

Learn about why AI is important for the advertising industry, and the tremendous impacts it has on marketing and consumers.

o What is AI?
There are a lot of misconceptions regarding what it is and a lot of deception around it as well. We’ll clear that up and separate the pretenders from the contenders.

o When to use AI?
We’ll discuss the ideal use cases for investing in AI technologies and specific examples in marketing.

o A Case Study in Advertising.
Yang will take you step by step through how StackAdapt solved a particular problem — starting with a basic algorithm to a full-fledged AI powered system.

o What the future looks like.
How close are we really to killer robots? In order for AI to evolve further, there are challenges that need to be solved.

Brand Storytelling Master Class

Simon Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Story Worldwide

Every agency/brand/marketer understands the importance of storytelling, however there is a real rigor to effective storytelling. This course let’s you in on the battle-tested approach we’ve honed over the past 15 years.This hands-on session will take attendees on a journey through the three stages of storytelling, after a short explanation on why storytelling is a much more powerful marketing approach than traditional advertising.

First of all is the story finding stage, during which we’ll delve deeply into the ways in which a brand can understand and reveal its true and own-able narrative.

We’ll dig deep into your brand’s core DNA to uncover the distinct truth that most powerfully resonates with people. The result is your Story Platform. Think of it as the north star that will inspire and connect all of your brand’s future communication. Next follows the story testing stage, where we test various creative narrative concepts all anchored by the Story platform. This process is aided and abetted by the use of a proprietary tool, Storyscore. Finally we’ll show how the results of the test can be brought to life through the story making process.

This masterclass is very practical, supported by real life brand examples and will give attendees useful and practical know-how that they can be put into practice immediately.

Chatbot Marketing Master Class

Arvell Craig, Chief Executive Officer, Chatbot Funnels

In 2016, Facebook opened their Messenger Platform to developers and chatbots. Today chatbot technology is changing how businesses nurture leads through the sales process. Learn the specific steps to automating your sales funnels with Facebook Messenger. Tap into the 1.3 billion messenger users and instantly improve your advertising ROI.

Conversational Marketing Master Class

Tony Eades, CEO (APAC) and Chief Strategy Officer, Salted Stone

How engaged is your brand with your prospects and customers?

Since the 1800s we’ve been building new communication technologies. From the telegraph to the fax machine to the “leave a message after the beep”. From voicemail to email then to the first instant messaging service and SMS. Finally, we arrived at live chat which gave us the experience of quick message and those three little dots signaling a reply.

Communication these days is instant and its interactive — friends make plans faster, families stay closer, and businesses provide answers instantly. Customers expect conversations to happen how, when, and where they want. Across whatever platform a customer wants to communicate with your brand on – phone, text, Facebook Messenger, email, Slack, and more.

Whether you are B2B or B2C – today is all about B2H (Business To Human) and with it a demand for a personal, fast and relevant user experience at every touch point across the buyer journey. In this session, we’ll show how business strategy, user experience and real-time data are driving today’s marketing and sales experience.

Be prepared to discover:

• Why the Marketing Funnel is dead and the customer centric Fly Wheel is the key
• How chat bots are blurring the line between marketing, sales and service
• How Messenger delivered a 477% improvement in the cost per lead (Case Study)
• How to generate leads and engage customers through conversational marketing
• How SMarketing is driving a unified sales and marketing team
• What tools and technologies you need in your 2018 MarTech Growth Stack to do all the heavy lifting for you

Conversion Rate Optimisation Master Class

Khalid Saleh, Chief Executive Officer, Invesp

The Conversion Optimization System: 14 Steps for More Conversions and More Sales

Are you struggling with low website conversion rates? Not sure how to increase your online sales? This is the master class for you. The Conversion Optimization System is a 14-steps process to produce repeatable and consistent increases in website conversion rates. The system has been successful used on over 500 projects and conducted more than 7,000 successful A/B tests with it. Discover the process that has been used by some of the top online companies such as eBay, 3M, O’Reilly and many others.

Be prepared to discover the real secret of conducting a successful CRO project including:
1. Conducting heuristic analysis
2. Conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis
3. Creating a conversion roadmap
4. Testing a test hypothesis
5. Conduct A/B test

Creativity in Marketing Master Class

Allen Gannett, Chief Executive Officer, TrackMaven

Flashes of Genius – Learning the Art and Science of Creativity.

The standard view of creativity is one of constant brainstorming punctuated by sudden flashes of genius – it is not something you can be intentional or methodical about. This talk will disprove this, explain how flashes of genius actually happen and provide ways any creator can increase their odds of having one.

The talk is based on two years of research for Gannett’s upcoming book The Creative Curve (June 2018, Penguin Random House). As part of this, he interviewed dozens of the world’s leading creatives such as celebrity chefs, multi-platinum musicians, billionaire entrepreneurs, and fine artists. In addition, he talked to the leading scientists and academics who study the field. Based on this, he found four patterns—The Four Laws of Creative Curve—that all creatives engage in. These laws are not only scientifically valid, but can be followed by any aspiring creative. This talk will give a sneak peek into Gannett’s research and an early look at how you can leverage it.

Key Takeaways

You will learn the neurological and psychological mechanisms behind flashes of genius

How you can learn to have more of these so-called aha moments through the mass consumption of content

How famous creators engage in a strategy called “the 20% principle” that is accessible for anyone

Data & AI Master Class

Jan Klawer, Managing Director Middle East and Africa – Emerging markets, Artefact

How to Successfully Apply Data & AI in the Marketing Value Chain In this session Artefact will be starting with the role of data in the current world and what it has lead to currently: Where are we with Data & Artificial Intelligence? the future is definitely here. We will make it concrete and explore where to apply Data & AI in digital marketing? What can AI do and what can’t it do (yet)?Possible areas are automation, optimization and more. Artefact will make it practical to conclude and explain what using Data & AI means practically for Digital Marketing? What are the actionable next steps in Planning, setup/workflow, getting control and creative.

Digital Convergence Master Class

Michelle Geere, Chief Integration Office, Elevator

Fine tune your digital marketing strategy with a deeper understanding of Digital Convergence. Join Michelle Geere and Karabo Sitto on this master class and learn how to capitalize on the revolutionary opportunities created by digital convergence.

Digital Marketing Persona Master Class

Andrew Chow, Managing Director, Ideas & Concepts

What type of Digital Marketing Manager are You? No one knows what shaped our personality or why we think, speak and behave in a certain way. It forms our world, the way we respond to the world around us and with the people we love, avoid and work with. Our personality determines the preference of our digital marketing strategies and also determines the kind of content creation for our social media engagement. This master class highlights the key personality differences and how it affects our strategy and focus on the prospect and consumers.

Digital Marketing Strategy Master Class

Celina Farrell, Digital Strategist and Director, MAXEMUS Digital Marketing

Is your approach to digital marketing strategy consistently hitting all of your KPIs and objectives? If not, this is the masterclass for you. Join digital strategist Celina Farrell, from MAXEMUS Digital Marketing, for advanced, actionable, step-by-step guidance in creating a digital marketing strategy that will take your results to the next level.

Be prepared to discover:

The world’s best digital marketing planning framework, with a step-by-step guide to rapidly create an integrated digital strategy—your roadmap to success
The power of targeting—how to focus your marketing on exactly the right audience, so you’ll boost your conversion rates
How to get your value proposition right, so your prospects buy into your brand
Why you should always build your marketing around the right vision, objectives and KPIs

Plus, we’ll provide you with access to handy worksheets and guides:

– Digital Marketing Strategy Workbook Template
– B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Plan Examples
– Digital Marketing Audit Spreadsheet
– Multichannel Campaign Planning Worksheet
– Budget Planning Spreadsheet
– 90 Day Planning Template

Digital Strategy Master Class

Hedvig Lyche, Founder & Managing Director, Core Agency, Asia

The Role of Behaviorism in Your Marketing Strategy

Understanding what emotions trigger action and how leveraging relevant emotional hooks can effectively drive behavioral change is critical when developing your marketing strategy. However in an age of consumer control and a shift in attitudes towards the role of brands, emotional connectivity must be based on real demonstration of value. Today authenticity, transparency and credibility is key to effectively engaging a hard to engage audience and so truly understanding your consumer, your environment and your role in the greater eco-system is crucial in order to succeed. So how do you define your role? What data do you gather, for what purpose, from what sources and what do you analyze it against? In this masterclass we will demonstrate how to build your blueprint and develop a marketing framework that allows you to effectively maneuver the plethora of channels and the ocean of data available to you, to help extract the right insights and build a strong and dynamic strategy to deliver content with impact.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Master Class

Sharanya Ramachandran, Senior Product Marketing Leader, Zoho

The Evolving Role of a Marketer in the Digital World
The digital era with evolving technologies are increasing challenges for a digital marketer to communicate effectively with their audience. However, these rising challenges also give rise to plenty of opportunities – opportunities to understand the individual behaviour of a consumer.

This session focuses on how marketers can leverage these opportunities to reach and engage their audience better. Email marketing and marketing automation can be a marketer’s best friend if used effectively.

Gamification & Chatbot Marketing Master Class

Darryn Van Den Berg, Chief Play Maker, SmartBotz

In the 4th Industrial revolution, chatbots are the new email engagement. Safe, timely, friendly and smart. In this is engaging talk Darryn will go through how to effectively design and use chatbots, the overview of a Gamification Scaffolding and then how to pull it all together to ensure your message is being understood, or changed after listening to what the “receiver of the message” hears.

Growth Marketing Master Class

Yannick Khayati, Growth Expert / Managing Partner, The Growth Revolution

In this masterclass, you’ll take a deep dive in all the latest growth marketing techniques. You’ll get a strong first impression of the capabilities that ‘the new way of marketing’ has to offer your business. This course contains:

– An introduction to Growth Marketing
– Case studies of companies that use this methodology succesfully
– Tools to get started
– Ideation tools to come up with better experiments
– Clear understanding of experiment design

Inbound Marketing Master Class

Steve Wiideman, President, Wiideman Consulting Group

Sharpen your inbound marketing skills with intermediate and advanced strategies used by enterprise e-commerce and multilocation brands. Corporate consultant and agency-trainer Steve Wiideman will be covering technical, contextual and off-page visibility opportunities that touch users during key micro-moments, while improving organic visibility.

Learn how to marry data from what we already know about our paid and organic visitors with insights garnered from competitor research. Explore recent case studies from brands you’ll immediately recognize and every detail of the campaigns they used to boost search engine rankings and drive referral traffic.

Specific topics covered include performing a technical obstacle analysis and organizing tasks for web developers, inbound link analysis and creative strategy, competitive analysis, along with post-Google Hummingbird keyword research for taxonomy and content marketing planning.

Leave this Inbound Marketing Master Class with templates, tools and actionable checklists for maximizing inbound marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Marketing Master Class

Andrew Chow, Managing Director, Ideas & Concepts

Linkedin Marketing is one of the most overlooked social media platforms for Digital Marketers. There are primarily 2 main springboards for marketing within Linkedin; the corporate branding and the personal branding. Linkedin is probably the only platform which everyone in the organisation can be part of the branding and marketing strategies. This master class will highlight key areas of focus for any brand on Linkedin and to leverage personal branding so that everyone in the organisation can be a key person of influence in their field.

NeuroScience in Digital Marketing Master Class

David Rosenstein, Director, Neural Sense

David will present the fundamentals of Neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience. This will provide the abidance with a basic, yet fundamental understanding of the key concepts and approaches of the field. He will also present on the attention economy, as it has emerged from neuroscience research and discuss its relevance to digital marketing. He will also illustrate neuroscience principles may be applied to enhance your digital marketing strategies. Lastly David will provide real world Neuromarketing case studies demonstrating how to optimise Website UX/UI and Chatbot development.

Podcast Marketing Master Class

Ronsley Vaz, Chief Executive Officer, Amplify

What if you could create a platform that allows your leads to qualify themselves? What if you could build trust, prove value and affirm authority by creating a piece of audio that you can repurpose all your marketing from? This is the Podcast Marketing MasterClass and in this session you will learn how to be creative with your podcast while attracting the right clients to your business.

Search Marketing Master Class

Basma Abou Assaf, Head of SEO, RBBi

Nowadays search engines are no longer a simple index of websites, they are sophisticated answer engines.
Google, the leading search engine evolved to meet users’ needs (user behavior & local characteristics).
In this session you will learn the most up-to-date trends to increase your website visibility online, by using a user-focused approach.

Social Media Marketing Master Class

Zoe Cairns, Social Media Strategist, ZC Social Media

Social Media; What’s New, What’s Hot, What’s Not!
Learn the latest updates, features and algorithms with Zoe and how you can get the maximum from your social media activities with the newest changes. Zoe will also discuss what’s not hot and how to avoid making the mistakes to try and get the most reach for the sake of large analytical numbers.

Social Media Strategy Master Class

Jeff Turnbow, Marketing Consultant, TURNBOW, INC.

Creating WOW! Moments In Your Marketing Plan
Social media interrupts all communication channels thereby creating constant challenges for marketing in the digital age. Brands are searching for new dynamics for their approach to the consumer. Described as “one of the most dynamic and inspiring sessions”, Jeff will discuss and analyze some of the biggest “WOW” moments. This session is designed to inspire new ideas to fuel your social media strategy. In this presentation, learn how to analyze how companies have used different strategies to interrupt and reach specific targets; Develop an actionable digital strategy that aligns with your business goals; Find solutions to current strategic hurdles and expand your professional digital network by connecting with peers.

Social Selling Master Class

Christian Farioli, Digital Marketing Lecturer & Digital Transformation Advisor, ESD FZC

Learn How To Generate Leads Consistently, Win More Clients And Grow Your Influence Through LinkedIn.

Discover what is Social Seling and how to use effectively its potential to do business and to sell, taking advantage of a network of 500 million professional users. Uncover all the secrets of social selling and doing business with LinkedIn.

Video Marketing Master Class

Chris Schwager, Video Marketing Strategist, Ridge Films

Did you know that business videos can skyrocket site traffic and that audiences are 10x more likely to engage, embed, and share video content? And a side note..they’re hands down the most effective form of marketing available to us today? Using video marketing can be incredibly effective when used correctly, but at the start, it can be overwhelming to get up and running. What sort of strategy should you be using? What kind of video actually converts to purchase? How long should your videos be? Not to mention that little complication.. how do you actually make professional videos that look amazing? The short answer? A video is NOT a one size fits all solution and the ‘right’ kind of content for you could be one of many options, depending on your type of business. Let us help set you up for success! In this session, Chris will teach you how to master the art of video strategy and video storytelling to create effective, engaging videos for your company’s website and/or social channels.

Content Marketing Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Arnie Kuenn, Chief Executive Officer, Vertical Measures

Have you been “doing” content marketing for a while now with no substantial results to show for it? Join the content marketing experts from Vertical Measures, where you’ll learn an 8 step formula for starting or revamping your content marketing program in order to drive traffic, leads, and sales.

In this master class, Arnie will guide you through various exercises in an interactive workbook (note: a laptop is highly recommended), so you will walk away from the conference with not only a better understanding of content marketing, but action steps that can guide your efforts for months.

Following this 8 Step Process you will learn a dynamic process that organizations can follow to provide a structure and framework to their efforts. You will gain knowledge on how each step fits into the larger picture:
1. Strategy Development | The major questions you must answer when creating or revamping your strategy
2. Ideation | How to come up with hundreds of topic ideas painlessly that people are actually searching for
3. Content Creation | A dive into the content formats that are most effective for different goals
4. Optimization | SEO fundamentals are vital, yet often forgotten by even seasoned marketers
5. Promotion | Gain momentum with social media platforms by using paid promotional strategies
6. Distribution | How you can get more eyes on your content through targeted, off-site channels
7. Lead Nurture | Email is a vital component of a content marketing strategy that keeps your relationships alive
8. Measurement | Learn how to decipher your metrics so your data will tell the story of your results

Attend to get real-world advice from an experienced trainer who has been in the trenches and seen what it takes to make content marketing truly work. Plus, you’ll be equipped with even more insights and tools, including:

Access to additional actionable worksheets and guides
How to create a culture of content marketing within your organization
How to align your processes, priorities, and people to drive new business
Ways to jumpstart your strategy with simple “hacks” that actually work
Tips on the very best content to create and how to format it

In addition to the interactive workbook, you will access to Vertical Measures’ latest 300-page book that goes into each of the 8 Steps in further detail, Content Marketing Works: 8 Steps to Transform your Business.

Social Media Marketing Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Nathanial Bibby, Principal, Bibby Consulting Group

Social media has fundamentally changed the way people communicate and businesses that don’t adapt are likely to be gone by 2020. Nathanial Bibby has been at the cutting-edge of digital marketing for 13+ years and believes the biggest opportunity for business growth exists right now on social media.

In this masterclass Nathanial will share the latest industry insights, where businesses should be focusing their attention online, and the exact strategies used by his agency to generate $100M+ in sales from social last year.

He will also cover the #3 biggest mistakes marketers make on social and a heap of tips for the most popular platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. Don’t miss this info-packed session on social media for business.

Digital Branding Strategy Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Daniel Lemin, Senior Strategist & Author, Convince and Convert

Ask yourself this question: is your approach to digital marketing strategy hitting all of your KPIs and objectives? For many marketers, the answer to that question is a resounding “maybe.” This Digital Marketing Strategy Master Class will give you the tools you need to answer that question. Learn how to research and craft personas, mine data and analytics for planning insights, create amazing planning shortcuts that save you time and optimize marketing campaigns to enhance your brand’s customer experience.

Social Media Marketing Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist, Infusionsoft

Traditional sales is good – but it’s dead. What works is first educating customers. In today’s digital economy much of that education is delivered through social content. In this master class Ramon shares his proven principles for using engaging content to make sales! Attendees leave with practical insight to take their businesses to the next level using social content. Social content marketing takes time, focus and a plan of action to work and work well – Ramon helps understand this in a simple, energized and humorous presentation. By attending this session, attendees will leave with practical take aways of using social media as a powerful tool for sales and branding. Ramon’s unique take on social media will leave attendees with a fresh perspective and insight on using content (including video and more) to generate more sales in their business.

Search Marketing Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman, Didit

Paid Search, SEO, Video Search, Directories, Content Syndication, Reputation Management… There are few sources of visibility and traffic more valuable than the search engine results page (SERP). In this 2-hour class, we’ll cover the options available to marketers, as well as discuss how specific marketers should maximize the true ROI of every form of search engine marketing. No single strategy works for every marketer, but there are tried and proven ways to dramatically improve your chances of success. We will keep the session interactive for those who have specific challenges they would like to address.

Content Marketing Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Daniel Lemin, Senior Strategist & Author, Convince and Convert

Face it: content is expensive. Done well, it requires an ecosystem of resources that might include writers, designers, developers or producers. Why bother with all of this expense if it’s not working for you? This Content Marketing Master Class will set you off down the right path on your content efforts. This class is jam-packed with tactics, tools and techniques that you can use to plan a strategic content calendar, create killer content with fewer resources and make your “back catalog” of content work harder for your business. The class will cover content planning and editorial strategy, content production and content optimization. If you are eager to polish your content marketing efforts in 2016, this is the class for you.

Content Marketing Master Class

Master Class Facilitator: Ronell Smith, Associate, Moz

How To Create Content That Helps You Nail Your Business Objectives. We hear it every day: How do we create engaging content? In reality, this is a problem that doesn’t deserve a solution. Why? Because content that simply garners engagement is unlikely to help your brand meet its business goals. The content you create should help your brand reach its goals, and for that to occur you must make loyalty a priority. In this master class marketers will walk away knowing; Why content loyalty is important and how it helps all areas of the business, What types of content inspires loyalty and How to create content that moves the needle for their brand.

Content Marketing Master Class

Hedvig Lyche, Global Strategy Director, Isentia Strategy & Content

Developing a kick-ass content marketing strategy

The digital powershift means every single interaction with brands happen because the audience chooses it to happen. They engage with content when value is offered that goes beyond the product and service and talks to deeper needs and challenges faced. It is not about you, it is only about them and how you can help make their lives better.

Understanding your audience, understanding what they desire, who they listen to and where you can have a voice will help you set a framework for content that will be relevant, effective and highly impactful.

The masterclass works through the steps that goes into developing a highly effective content strategy, the conversations you can own, the stories that will engage and where you need to tell them. Because content without strategy is just stuff. And the world has enough stuff.

Conversion Rate Optimization Master Class

Khalid Saleh, Chief Executive Officer, Invesp

Conversion Optimization System: 12-Steps for Consistent Increases in Conversions Rates.

Are you struggling with low website conversion rates? Not sure what do to achieve double digit increase in conversions rates? This is the master class for you. The Conversion Optimization System is a 12-steps process to produce repeatable and consistent increases in website conversion rates. The system has been successful used on over 500 projects and conducted more than 4,000 successful A/B tests with it. Discover the process that has been used by some of the top online companies such as eBay, 3M, O’Reilly and many others.

Be prepared to discover the real secret of conducting a successful CRO project including:
1. Conducting heuristic analysis
2. Conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis
3. Conducting CRO Competitive analysis
4. Creating a conversion roadmap
5. Conversion Framework analysis
6. Creating meaningful Hypothesis
7. Conduct A/B Testing

Social Selling Master Class

Leslie Hughes, Principal, PUNCH!media

“Social Selling” has become a new buzz term in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing.

In this master class, you’ll learn:
– How “Social Selling” differs from traditional sales.How to leverage online research to turn cold calls into warm introductions.
– The top ways to identify sales triggers by having a direct “line of sight” with your target audience.
– Why it’s important to have a multi-threaded approach to converting clients.
– How to bridge the gap between marketing and sales and empower all staff to be effective brand ambassadors

Inbound Marketing Master Class

Steve Wiideman, President, Wiideman Consulting Group

Sharpen your inbound marketing skills with intermediate and advanced strategies used by enterprise e-commerce and multilocation brands. Corporate consultant and agency-trainer Steve Wiideman will be covering technical, contextual and off-page visibility opportunities that touch users during key micro-moments, while improving organic visibility.

Learn how to marry data from what we already know about our paid and organic visitors with insights garnered from competitor research. Explore recent case studies from brands you’ll immediately recognize and every detail of the campaigns they used to boost search engine rankings and drive referral traffic.

Specific topics covered include performing a technical obstacle analysis and organizing tasks for web developers, inbound link analysis and creative strategy, competitive analysis, along with post-Google Hummingbird keyword research for taxonomy and content marketing planning.

Leave this Inbound Marketing Master Class with templates, tools and actionable checklists for maximizing inbound marketing efforts.

The DigiMarCon Difference

Business and marketing professionals have a lot of choice in events to attend.
As the Premier Digital Marketing Conference & Exhibition Series worldwide
see why DigiMarCon stands out above the rest in the marketing industry
and why delegates keep returning year after year

Global Event Series

DigiMarCon is the Largest Digital Marketing Conference & Exhibition series in the world, with annual events held in all continents (North America, Latin America, Europe, UK, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa) in 10 countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates and South Africa), across 15 cities (New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Sydney, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, New Delhi, Dubai, Johannesburg and Online). Wherever you are located there is a regional DigiMarCon event nearby you can attend.

5 Star Luxury Event Venues

DigiMarCon Conferences are held in top luxury 5-star event venues across the world such as; Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, Olympic Stadiums, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre and JW Marriott, Marriott Marquis, Hyatt Regency, InterContinental, Loews and Sofitel Hotel properties. Discount hotel room rates at each venue hotel means no hassle getting to and from the venue each day.

Extensive & Memorable Networking Experiences

Building relationships matter! At DigiMarCon Conferences we have more networking breaks on our program than others. On average there are 8 Networking breaks at each event giving delegates ample opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere to meet others over the 2-days at the event; from 1-hour round table networking luncheons to 3-hour dinner receptions. These networking breaks are set in picturesque locations to facilitate memorable experiences while fostering new relationships. Such experiences include enjoying cocktails and the Sunset over the Pacific Ocean on a private Ocean Terrace in Santa Monica, to being on the Sydney Olympic Stadium playing arena at night enjoying cocktails under the lights, to dining at the 360 Revolving Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto for a Dinner Reception, enjoying cocktails on a private promenade overlooking Times Square in New York City, or having fun at the Dazzles Night Club onboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas for a Farewell Party, etc.

Industry Thought Leaders from Leading Brands

DigiMarCon Keynotes, Panels and Master Classes are facilitated by the foremost thought leaders in the industry, from celebrity social media influencers to CMO’s from the largest Fortune 500 company brands that are disrupting the digital marketing industry, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Adobe, eBay, Netflix and more. All presentations are pitch-free, and include actionable takeaways, case studies, strategies and tactics, ready to be applied when back in the office.

Premium Comfortable Meeting Spaces

At DigiMarCon Conferences you are never ‘left in the dark’…. literally, in a large room far away from the stage and speakers, crushed in tight theater seating, without even a desk, while sitting in the dark. At DigiMarCon all delegates have premium meeting space in luxurious ballroom well-lit spaces, with comfortable seating with desk enabling delegates to use their laptop to take notes with ample charging facilities onsite in a comfortable space to learn and thrive. All tables are situated close with direct view of the stage.

Value for Money & Generous Discounts

DigiMarCon Conferences are affordable to attend, from single-day event passes up to two-day VIP options at a fraction of the cost of other industry events. We offer significant discounts for early bird registrations. Additionally, on top of time-limited discount pass rates, because budgets are tight, we want to make sure all groups have a chance to attend DigiMarCon. For government employees, students, academic, startups, non-profit organizations and teams, we offer generous discounts off the prevailing registration price.

Collaborative Learning & Audience Participation

Attend DigiMarCon and you become part of the show! DigiMarCon Conferences tap into the talent of the room, drawing from the knowledge and experience of the professionals in the audience. All DigiMarCon events include regular interactive question and answer sessions with speakers and the audience ideal for collaboration, audience polls, along with ice-breaker and group exercises, steered by charismatic Emcees.

Meet the Speakers in Person

DigiMarCon Conferences put you right up and close with the speakers giving you the opportunity to meet these social media influencers which you follow in person. Speakers are never hidden in private speaker rooms away from the audience, they are in the auditorium sitting right beside you and participating.

Exceptional Customer Service

Attending a conference is a well-researched decision. There are many factors to consider such as location, time, venue, cost, speakers, content, etc. At DigiMarCon our results-obsessed Customer Service team are at your service before, during and after the event to help with your needs. It’s at the core of what we do — it drives our business. Offsite, we are ready to assist you via phone, ticket or chat. Onsite at our Conferences, friendly DigiMarCon staff serve as your hosts. They welcome your input and are happy to assist you.

TECHSPO Technology Expo

At all DigiMarCon Conferences is the co-located exclusive event TECHSPO Technology Expo, which showcases the new generation of technology and innovation, including; AdTech, MarTech, Internet, Mobile and SaaS technologies. Be inspired, amazed and educated on how these evolving technologies will impact your business for the better. Access to TECHSPO Technology Expo is included with all DigiMarCon passes.

On Demand Library Access

DigiMarCon All Access & VIP Passes include a 12-month on demand access to hundreds of hours of DigiMarCon speaker keynotes, panels and master class presentations from recent DigiMarCon Conferences, including videos, slide decks and key takeaways, available on demand so you can watch what you want, when you want.

The Largest Digital Marketing Community

Attendees of DigiMarcon Conferences gain membership to an exclusive global Digital Marketing Community of over 500,000 worldwide subscribers to our award-winning digital marketing blog and over 70,000 members to our Digital Marketing Professionals Group in LinkedIn (visit This global community comprises of innovators, senior marketers and branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives and professionals, web & mobile strategists, designers and web project managers, business leaders, business developers, agency executives and their teams and anyone else who operates in the digital community who leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing. We provide updates to the latest whitepapers and industry reports to keep you updated on trends, innovation and best practice digital marketing.

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When and where is the DigiMarCon Midwest 2020 Conference?

DigiMarCon Midwest 2020 takes place from June 17th to 18th, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Click here for travel details.

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Address:
2233 S Martin Luther King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616
United States

What’s the Schedule?

Here’s the high-level schedule (note: all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

Wednesday, June 20, 2019
9:00am - 9:45am: Registration Check-in, Welcome Refreshments & Networking
9:45am - 12:00pm: General Session
12:00pm – 1:00pm: Networking Luncheon
1:00pm – 2:30pm: General Session
2:30pm – 3:10pm: Refreshments & Networking
3:10pm – 5:00pm: General Session
5:00pm – 7:00pm: Welcome Cocktail Reception

Thursday, June 21, 2019
9:00am - 9:45am: Registration Check-in, Welcome Refreshments & Networking
9:45am – 12:30pm: Master Classes
12:30pm – 1:30pm: Networking Luncheon
1:30pm – 4:00pm: Master Classes
4:00pm - 6:00pm: Farewell Cocktail Reception

How much does it cost to attend DigiMarCon Midwest 2020?

Regular price is $797 (USD) for a main conference access. We are also offering an All Access Pass, which includes the main conference, all Master Classes, Welcome and Farewell Cocktail Receptions and Video on Demand, for $1,097 (USD). Last but not least we have a Virtual Pass/Video On Demand (VOD) option for those who can’t make the conference for $347 (USD). For more information about pricing and the different passes available please click here.

What is included in the Main Conference Pass registration fee?

Your completed Main Conference Pass registration provides you the following:

  • Conference Bag
  • All General Sessions – Wednesday, June 17th, 2019
  • TECHSPO Hall (Unlimited Access) – Wednesday, June 17th, 2019
  • AM/PM Refreshments, Networking Luncheon – Wednesday, June 17th, 2019
  • Welcome Cocktail Reception – Wednesday, June 17th, 2019

What is included in the All Access Pass registration fee?

Your completed All Access Pass registration provides you everything included in the Main Conference Pass plus the following:

  • All Master Classes – Thursday, June 18th, 2019
  • TECHSPO Hall (Unlimited Access) – Thursday, June 18th, 2019
  • AM Refreshments, Networking Luncheon – Thursday, June 18th, 2019
  • Farewell Cocktail Reception – Thursday, June 18th, 2019
  • On Demand – Available online approximately 2 weeks after conference concludes

What is included in the VIP Pass registration fee?

Your completed VIP Pass registration provides you everything included in the All Access Pass plus the following:

  • VIP Priority Registration Check-In – Wednesday, June 17th, 2019
  • VIP Seating on General Session Day – Wednesday, June 17th, 2019
  • VIP Seating on Master Class Day – Thursday, June 18th, 2019

How do I register? Register now!

Full registration information is available here.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The following forms of payment are accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. Payment is required to complete your registration.

Is there a group discount?

Absolutely! Bring as many colleagues as you’d like! Register FOUR or more people from the same company simultaneously to receive $200 discount off the prevailing registration price for each member of your group.

There are just a few simple Group Registration rules:

  • All registrants must be employed by the same company.
  • All members of the group must be registered at the same time. Discounts will not be applied retroactively.
  • You must pre-register to take advantage of these rates, which will not be offered on site.
  • Group Registration Rates cannot be combined with any other offers.

More details about Group Rates here.

Are there academic, government, nonprofit or military discounts?

Academic, Government, Military & Non-Profit discount rates at DigiMarCon Midwest 2020 apply to current full-time employees of academic institutions, federal, state or local government agencies, international government agencies, active military and non-profit organization employees only.

More details about Discount Rates here.

What is the dress code?

Conference attire is business casual for all events, including the evening events. We do recommend bringing a sweater or light jacket with you since personal preferences vary regarding room temperature.

Can I bring a guest to the conference and networking events?

All attendees at the conference and networking events must be registered attendees who purchased tickets.

Can I send a substitute in my place?

You may send a substitute in your place at any time. All such requests must be submitted by email to registration[at] (replace at with @). Only requests made by the original registrant will be honored.

What is the refund policy?

You may cancel your participation in DigiMarCon Midwest 2020 at any time, but please be aware of the following cancellation policy listed below.

Registration cancellations received 90 days prior to the Conference incur a 25% processing/administrative fee. Refunds will be issued within 30 days after event. If you must cancel for any reason, notify our registration department by 90 days prior to the Conference. Cancellations less than 90 days prior to the Conference are non-refundable. Substitutions allowed prior to 90 days prior to the Conference with written or Faxed authorization only. No substitutions less than 90 days prior to the Conference. Cancellations less than 90 days prior to the Conference are non-refundable for any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to use DigiMarCon credentials due to illness, acts of God, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, loss of employment and duplicate purchase. DigiMarCon will not issue refunds for badges that have been revoked.

Unused registrations/applications have no monetary value and cannot be credited to future years or events. DigiMarCon will not issue refunds or credits due to failure to redeem a discount coupon during the registration process. Discounted prices are based on the date payment is received in the DigiMarCon office. Reselling DigiMarCon Midwest 2020 registrations is not permitted.

I live outside of United States, do you accept attendees from other countries?

Yes, international attendees are welcome at each of our conferences.

I live outside of United States and my country requires a Visa to visit United States, can DigiMarCon prepare an invitation letter for me to attend the conference for Visa Processing purposes?

Yes, this is often requested for International Attendees. After you have registered, send a letter request email to and provide your address, company name, company title and passport information to be included in the invitation letter.

I live outside of United States and my country requires a Visa to visit United States, if my Visa Application is declined will I get a refund?

You can request a cancellation at any time. Refer to our refund policy for refund eligibility criteria.

Where should I stay in Chicago?

The official conference hotel to stay in Chicago is;

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
2233 S Martin Luther King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616
United States

Hotel Booking Instructions

To book a room at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place follow the instructions below;

By Phone:
Call 1-312-567-1234, ask for reservations, give group name ‘DigiMarCon Midwest 2020’ and arrival date and book.

What networking activities are associated with DigiMarCon Midwest 2020?

A full list of the official conference networking functions are available here.

Will I receive event updates?

Yes, DigiMarCon will send emails periodically to update you on the agenda, event happenings and logistics. Please make sure that the email address registration[at] (replace at with @) is in your safe senders list to ensure you are receiving all important event information.

How can I submit to speak at DigiMarCon Midwest 2020?

There are a limited number of sponsored keynote speaking spots still available during the conference. Please contact Aaron Polmeer, aaron[at] (replace at with @), if you are interested in this opportunity.

Can I record what is presented at DigiMarCon Midwest 2020?

Sessions may be audio recorded without special permission for personal use only. They cannot be placed online or transmitted to others without permission.

Sessions may be videoed only with special permission for personal use and also cannot be placed online or transmitted to others. Short audio and video clips may be used for blogging and press coverage of sessions. As a general guide, non-contiguous clips of one minute or less should be used. Contact us if you need guidance about longer clips.

How can we sponsor DigiMarCon Midwest 2020?

Complete the sponsorship inquiry form here for more details on sponsorship, exhibiting and advertising opportunities at DigiMarCon Midwest 2020.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do. Become a DigiMarCon Affiliate and earn commission on every completed registration referred by your efforts. Click here for details.

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